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The name Palmento Grove was derived from the main vegetation of the land on which the lodge is located in Hopkins that is palmetto trees and mangrove. The name Palmetto was later tweaked to create Palmento Grove. The Martinez Family chose to focus on the Palmetto and Mangrove Trees because they represent who we are as the owners, which is resilient and dynamic ready to take on the challenges of the business world with great determination to succeed as local native business owners offering the best in Belizean Cultural Vacation Experience to every guest at our natively exotic family resort.
Palmento Grove an Eco Cultural Lodge owned and operated by the Martinez Family since 2008 has been welcoming its guests to submerge themselves in the Beauty of Belize, Hopkins and the Garifuna Culture.
We invite everyone to enjoy our blush natively exotic resort while being pampered by our hospitable staff. Come experience Palmento Grove Lodge in a beautiful, secluded lagoon setting in Hopkins Village where you will be surrounded by tropical flora, fauna and a magnificent lagoon and mountain view. We offer a Belizean adventure filled with Garifuna Culture, live drumming, singing and dancing, white sandy beach and birds singing. Experience in tranquility Belizean Culture at its best.
The beauty of Belize is far more than just its small tropical islands, palm trees, Caribbean Sea, coral reefs and flats teeming with live coral and fish. Belize's real beauty lies in its unique diversity, encompassing the beauty of Caribbean, yes, but also its tropical forests, Mayan ruins, jungle rivers, caves, cane farms, banana plantations, groves of sweet smelling oranges and grapefruits, jaguars, manatees, dolphins, toucans, Coatimundis, mahogany, hibiscus, Xate, bonefish, deer and tapirs -- to just start the list.

Most importantly, this diversity encompasses the people and the communities of Belize --  Mennonites, Ketchki and Mopan Mayas, Garifuna, Creole, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Guatemalan, Honduran, Italian, North American and British immigrants -- all living and working together -- and truly glad to welcome visitors to our beautiful country Belize.  (Most visitors who return to Belize again and again, do so because of the incredible warmth of its people.)


Hopkins is a beautiful coastal village in southern Belize.

Hopkins is a Garifuna village on the coast of the Stann Creek District in Belize. Hopkins is considered by some Belizeans to be the cultural center of the Garifuna population in Belize. The Village hosts its own national holiday, Hopkins Day, and welcomes people for their celebration on Garifuna Settlement Day as well, they do this with drum ceremonies that can last till early hours in the morning.

The village is separated into two parts; the Northside (Baila) and the Southside (False Sittee). Hopkins is surrounded by the Maya Mountains and the Cockscomb Range inland, and the Caribbean Sea on its shore. The village was created in 1942 to replace the village of Newtown, which was devastated by a hurricane further up the coast.

Today Hopkins is a small but vibrant community of approximately 3,000 villagers. The people live mostly by farming and fishing, and more recently many have found work in the growing tourism industry. The residents are known for their friendliness and genuine hospitality, and welcome visitors to their village. Hopkins has a selection of gift shops, restaurants and small bars. Hopkins was recently voted "The Friendliest Village in Belize" by Belize First Magazine.

Garifuna Culture, the Intangible Heritage...

During the 1600's, several slave ships wrecked off the coast of St. Vincent, an island in the southern Caribbean. The Africans who had been on board soon found the Island Carib Indians, who inhabited St. Vincent and several nearby islands. In defense of their land and freedom, Africans joined with Indians and the Garifuna culture was born.

The Island Carib Indians were descendants of the several waves of migration into the Caribbean by seafaring people from the Orinoco River area of South America. The earlier migrants were maniac farmers, whose ancient and specialized techniques of food preparation are retained to this day among the Garifuna, as well as among their distant relatives in the tropical rainforests of South America.

In 1823, the Garifuna in Honduras sided with the Royalist cause in an abortive attempt to overthrow the government in Honduras and to avoid escape of persecution many fled to British Honduras (Belize) under the leadership of Alejo Beni where they founded Dangriga.

In 1837, soldiers killed Garinagu in Honduras. A number of them fled to British Honduras (Belize) where they founded the village of Yonton, from whom the present inhabitants of Hopkins originated.

Between 1832 to1900, the Garinagu in Belize consolidated their settlements and spread from Dangriga to Seine Bight, Monkey River, Punta Negra, Barranco, Livingston, Hopkins and Georgetown.

We offer our guests an opportunity to go back in time and come live in a different world for a while. We welcome you to learn the ways of the Garifuna. You'll go on fishing trips, then prepare your catch along with other delightful Garinagu foods with the help of your family hosts. You'll interact with the community in Hopkins and Dangriga visiting schools, local Garifuna Artisans and Landmarks including the Gulisi Museum. In the evening, we'll teach you our traditional dancing and playing of drums.

Garifuna Drums, Artifacts & Cultural Apparel are available. Please contact us for ordering and shipping details.


About Palmento Grove

Experience Palmento Grove a natively exotic Lodge in a private setting on the beautiful Hopkins lagoon where you'll be surrounded by tropical flora & fauna and a magnificent mountain view. It's a Belizean Adventure filled with Garifuna Culture, breath taking scenic ambiance, palms rustling in the breeze, and birds singing in the trees.

Here at Palmento Grove we have access to all the wonders of Belize and we have put together a series of tours that will make your stay in Hopkins and Belize a memorable experience. Great diving & snorkeling, beautiful culture, unique Forest and Archeological Exploration makes an amazing Vacation with memories to last a life-time.  Be the next to brag about your stay at Palmento Grove Lodge, Hopkins Village, Belize.

Book your stay with us in the beautiful coastal Garifuna Village of Hopkins.  For the culturally adventurous at heart, explore the Indigenous Garifuna Culture through the soul of hospitable Belizeans that is sure to make your cultural vacation first-class.   Immerse in the impressive masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity as declared by UNESCO. Discover our vivid arts and let the Garifuna Drums move your body & soul.

Fascinated by the pulsating rhythms of the Garifuna drums? We are that please to share in the fulfillment of your quest to learn to play the drums and become members of our drummers club. Immerse in our unique language, rich cuisine and our exotic way of life.  Be one with Belize’s natural and cultural heritage: Experience sunrise at dawn while fishing in a traditional dorey. Garifuna traditional cooking made easy: Share our recipes and food preparation with talented cooks.

Palmento Grove Lodge is your able host to enjoying a breath-taking and exciting cultural vacation in Hopkins, Belize.

Adventure & Pleasure with a natively exotic Garifuna Flavor!

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Beautiful property! excellent food! Gracious hosts!: Palmento Grove Lodge Guest Book - Hopkins Vacation - February 2014


Warm and friendly hospitality, tranquil environment.  Funky Cabana!! Excellent supper and breakfast!  Thank you.: Palmento Grove Lodge Guest Book - Hopkins Vacation - February 2014

Douglas Miller & Patty Man (CANADA)

Lovely spot!  Great meals and friendly owners!! Thank you (best shower yet!!): Palmento Grove Lodge Guest Book - Hopkins Vacation - February 2014

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